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What happens to my SIPP when I die?

The benefits which are paid to your beneficiaries vary depending your age and on whether your SIPP funds has been providing you with a pension or paid out a tax free lump sum.

Death before age 75

Death at or after age 75

Remember: You can pay tax free lump sum benefits to a member nominated charity, however this is only in the absence of any living dependants.

The scheme is written under discretionary trust and funds accrued under the scheme are kept separate from your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. EBS Pensions Ltd has absolute discretion as to who will receive benefits and how much -- a mechanism known as "discretionary disposal". However, we will take into account any wishes you have expressed on your death benefit nomination form, which you can update at any time.


Please note the value of investments, and any income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back your original investment. We do not offer advice about the suitability of our products or any investments held within them. Should you require financial advice you should consult a suitably qualified financial adviser


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