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The Liberty Option SIPP

The Option SIPP has been created to provide a pension product that can be tailored to the individual need of each client. We are all individuals, our pension should be too!

The Option SIPP is underpinned by 3 basic pillars:
Simplicity, Transparency and Flexibility.



Making Pensions Simple

The Option SIPP can be set up online within 10 minutes.

Liberty's unique online application can guide you through the set up process with relative ease. A process which may previously have seemed daunting is now as near to stress free as applying for a pension can be!

Anti-money laundering checks, through our partners at GB Group, have been built into the application process which means you don't have to provide original documents in the post* which greatly speeds things up.




Making Pensions Charges Clear

The Option SIPP has a clean charging structure.

By opting for an Option SIPP you won't have to worry about hidden costs and time costed fees.

When you open an Option SIPP you will know immediately what you will be charged initially and in subsequent years - with no unexpected bills coming out of the blue. If you jump to the charges section of the website, you can work out what you will pay now!



Making Pensions Personal

The Option SIPP enables you to design a SIPP which suits your individual circumstances. Liberty believes that pensions should be personal and not a "one size fits all" product.

You can design a SIPP pension to meet your current circumstances and have the freedom to adapt your pension should these circumstances change.

Liberty wants you to have a personalised pension that you are comfortable using and meets your expectations.


*Further information may be needed should there be a query in relation to the GB Group AML database.


Contact the Liberty Team

For further information about the Liberty Option SIPP or if you want to speak to your admin team about your SIPP click here

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