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Why Choose Liberty SIPP For Property?


The Benefits

Low fees/High Service

Just like our other SIPP fees we have built a very efficient proposition that means we keep overheads low and can therefore offer very competitive Property related fees.

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We charge £500 plus VAT for the purchase and £500 plus VAT annually (per property, not per member) and then an additional property fee of £50 plus VAT per member.

There are other fees for borrowing (£150 plus VAT initially and £120 plus VAT annually) and VAT registration (£100 plus VAT initially and £120 plus VAT annually) that may be relevant, but if you have a specific case then please visit Charges


No need for third party Property Management

We do not insist on an independent property manager to manage rent collections, invoicing etc on behalf of the SIPP, like many other providers.  Of course, scheme members can choose to appoint one if they wish.

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We know that a lot of the time members can undertake this role themselves and therefore will not need to appoint a third party.  Often property management fees can be very high and insisting that a SIPP appoints such a firm can make the whole transaction needlessly prohibitive.


Expert administration

We have a wealth of experience and expertise, with many years of specific SIPP Property purchase technical involvement at your disposal.  Just take our Head of Property, Sally Humphrey, for example:

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“Sally came to us from one of our competitors, where she worked on a specialist property team, looking after an individual case-load of around 200 properties. She has completed hundreds of purchases over the last few years including, memorably, a large portfolio acquisition of 9 properties by a single SIPP which had to complete simultaneously with the entire portfolio of 85 other properties.  Whilst this was complex and pressured, the deal was completed in full and on time, something Sally is rightfully proud of.

With a mind full of knowledge Sally is the person to go to with the technical questions and the ‘Can this be done?’ when your clients pose what appears to be a complex transaction. Sally manages the property team and will oversee all transactions from enquiry right through to completion.”


The best lawyers

We have a panel of specialist lawyers who act on behalf of the SIPP who also have many years of experience in dealing specifically with SIPP property and land purchase.

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They have been carefully selected to work alongside Liberty in light of their expertise, geographic coverage, friendly and open nature and, of course, competitive fees.  It is crucial that our lawyer-panel reflects our own approach to service and this is constantly reviewed to ensure it meets our expectations. View our lawyer panel here



Third Party Property Management

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