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Why Choose Liberty Option SIPP?


Online Application - Benefits

The Liberty Option SIPP is quick and easy to set up - which should definitely reduce the amount of time needed to set up your SIPP. As the application process is done completely online there is no need to complete by hand, no need to waste time printing off the form, signing it and putting it in the post. Faster turnaround times enable you to start making contributions sooner and initiate any transfers from existing schemes - important if an investment is time critical.

We also don't charge any set-up fees for applying online. Usually transferring into a SIPP can get quite expensive - not anymore!


Pension Portal - benefits

If you are transferring other pension arrangements into your SIPP will inform you exactly where we are with the transfer - every time we hear something from your transferring scheme we will put the detail on the pension transfer section of the portal.

The portal will also give you the opportunity to log in at any time to obtain up to date valuations. If you are using a company which has signed up as one of our investment partners, this information will be fed into the system at close of business the previous day.


Transparent, fair and simple fees

We understand that taking the step towards setting up a SIPP can be quite daunting and we try to make each step as simple and straightforward as possible.

One area where we feel we excel is in the simplicity of our fee structure. Sometimes a SIPP provider's fees can be baffling.

In many cases you have to decide what SIPP is best for you - there could be a full SIPP, single investment SIPP, hybrid SIPP, light SIPP, diet SIPP, SIPP zero, SIPP with a hint of lemon! You then have to trawl through a 5 page fee document to decipher exactly what your client will be charged, now and in the future. If there are any time costed fees, your job becomes even harder! All this takes up your time and could just leave you feeling rather nonplussed.

The Liberty Option SIPP is proud to be breaking this mould. Put quite simply, you pay to open the SIPP and then you pay for what you need. When you don't need it anymore you stop paying for it. It also boasts a fee schedule that could fit on the back of a business card. If you want proof of this, please let us know and we'll send you one. 

You're probably thinking that to do this we have had to hike up our fees - not at all, we have actually reduced them! The Liberty Option SIPP has one of the most cost effective fee schedules around.



First class service


At Liberty we have always strived to provide the best customer service possible. Usually when a client opens up a Liberty SIPP, they keep it open. This is largely down to our first class service.

At Liberty you will be assigned an administration team that will look after all of your administrative needs throughout the lifetime of your SIPP.
All of our administrators become members of the CII and are targeted to complete the certificate in life and pensions, which ensures that you're speaking with people that understand what you're talking about. 


Investment flexibility

With a Liberty Option SIPP you choose your investment providers, not the other way round. We don't offer you a menu of providers that we've chosen; we give you access to the whole of the standard investment market so you can make the decision.

As we discussed above, the Liberty Option SIPP offers you some fantastic investment options. Once you have opened up the SIPP you will be able to add standard investments like discretionary fund managers, stockbroking accounts and managed funds. You will also be able add a property option at any time.

It's a huge benefit to know that if your investment planning changes or you look to diversify your portfolio, you already have the tools available to do it. No transfers will be required and you should be able to change your investment strategy straight away, meaning you can adapt to changing markets.

This also works the other way. If you decide to liquidate certain assets when nearing retirement for instance, your fees should decrease as the investment options are reduced to pay pension benefits.


Financial stability


When choosing a SIPP provider, you need to be confident that this company is financially secure now and will remain so moving forward.

Our regulators, the FCA have a particular concern about the financial resources of SIPP companies. At Liberty we always knew that this would be an important feature for our regulators and have always had one eye on our capital reserves to ensure that we are prepared for any changes that may come in the future.

Our accounts are fully audited by Baker Tilly and available for inspection at Companies House.


Defaqto 5 Star Rating

The Liberty Option SIPP has been awarded a Defaqto 5 Star Rating for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Liberty are justifiably proud of attaining this recognition as gaining 5 stars is not easily attained.

The team at Defaqto conduct in depth research into each SIPP provider in the marketplace.

This independent research team looks into every aspect of each provider's SIPP product and then arrive at a final rating. This rating enables potential customers to quickly gauge the level of service on offer which gives them an insight into how the company is managed and what can be expected from them.

The ratings take into consideration each aspect of the service on offer. These include accessibility, range of features, the variety of investment options and systems & controls.

Having gained this level of rating, customers can be comfortable about who administers their pensions and have confidence in the level of service they will receive.

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