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Investment Options

Within the Liberty Option SIPP there are many different ways that you and your advisors can manage your pension portfolio. Below are some of the main ways that our clients utilise the flexibilty that the Option SIPP provides. Should you have any questions about any of these options, please feel free to contact the Liberty team.


Cash and deposit Accounts

There is a default bank account set up with Metro Bank when the SIPP is established. You are able to set up additional bank accounts where you may obtain a higher rate of interest over a fixed term – remember Liberty do not take a cut of any interest earned on bank accounts. All account will have to have a UK banking licence, be located in the UK and be part of the FSCS. 


DFM / Investment Manager

You are able to appoint a Discretionary Fund Manager to oversee your investments. It is down to individual choice and the parameters of the company you choose but they will usually be able to provide you with a bespoke portfolio of investments or you may opt for a risk rate model portfolio.

An Investment Manager will manage your funds along with funds from other investors which are pooled together. The manager will then use all of that money to invest in various stocks, bonds or other investments within the overall fund that they manage.


Fund Supermarkets

A Fund Supermarket allows investors to hold many different investments all in one account.

They mainly offer investment Funds such as Unit Trusts, although some also enable clients to buy and sell individual shares.


Stockbroking Accounts

You are able to open any number of accounts with a Stockbroker to conducts transactions on behalf of a client. Brokers do differ as some only conduct transactions while others also offer different types of investment advisory services. The choice is yours.


Commercial Property

Under HMRC rules you are able to purchase commercial property with your SIPP. This usually comes in the form of office space or factory units. There are wider interpretations of commercial property – if you need any guidance as to what Liberty accept, please contact our technical department. Liberty will insist that any property is located in the UK.

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