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Third party administration

SIPPs are one of the fastest growing financial products out there, with year on year growth and no signs of slowing down. Over the years, as the SIPP industry has evolved, SIPPs have become an essential part of the UK’s retirement planning.

Along the way systems have improved reducing the average cost and making them more appealing to a wider audience.  This makes them an attractive option for an investment company looking to offer their clients additional services and increase their assets under management. Setting up a new SIPP scheme isn’t easy. It can be extremely expensive, time consuming and risky. So that's where we come in!

You can jump on the back of our SIPP by creating a badged version to offer your clients. This means you do what you do best and Liberty do all the boring pensions stuff.

So what are the potential benefits?

  • Increase assets under management;
  • Increase revenues;
  • Broaden your target market;
  • Additional products for your clients; and
  • Low cost to implement.

We can tailor a badged SIPP to suit your company and its needs. If your companies online we can create an online application for you, and if you're more traditional we can put together some paper forms for you. We will happily work with you to create a SIPP product that fits perfectly with you and your clients.

For further information, and to discuss how a badged SIPP might work for you, please contact our Sales Director Matthew Rankine on 07854 765 782.


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